Indian Association of Amusement Parks and Industries


Library Service Terms and Conditions

  • Keeping in Mind this Learning approach committee has customized various training programs for YOUR ORGANIZATION
    • All IAAPI members will be eligible for registration as a member of the IAAPI Library Service.
    • A member can borrow two books for two weeks.
    • All members must produce their membership card when borrowing books, or quote their membership number (and have valid identification).
    • If a borrowed book needs to be couriered the charges for the same will be charged.
    • Members must report any loss or damage to their membership cards. Duplicate Membership Card will be issued at cost of Rs. 100.
    • Members can not borrow any items until their details are recorded on the system.
    • Members are expected to return books on or before the due date. In case they delay returning the book, a fine of Rs 10/- per day will be levied.
    • If a member incurs fines, all borrowing rights will be suspended until such fine/ fees are settled.
    • Books can only be renewed twice by the borrower.
    • Members must report lost or damaged items immediately.
    • Members will pay replacement costs for damaged or lost items (which may be higher than the cost of book)
    • You must not copy, scan, or, unless specifically permitted, store electronically any copies that you receive from us unless you have a separate license or agreement that specifically permits this.
    • Library material shall not be altered or manipulated, added to, or have any part deleted without our prior written consent from IAAPI.

Library Time: 01:00 Pm to 05:00 Pm. Library is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at IAAPI HEAD OFFICE.

  • Regulations applicable to IAAPI MEMBERS at IAAPI Secretariat library:
    • Illicit removal of any materials is a disciplinary offence
    • Smoking or the consumption of food drink or the use of mobile telephones is not permitted on library premises.
    • There should be no personal property left overnight.
    • Members must leave the library by closing time unless authorized to remain.
    • Noise should be kept to a minimum.

Along with the IAAPI library books collection like Thriller, Magazines and other Management books, all the books mentioned in the Book – List are also available at the Library.

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