Indian Association of Amusement Parks and Industries

Library Books

Sr. No Title Author Category
1 Disney Way Rev & Fully Updated Capodagli, Bill Management
2 Learnings Of An Advertising Practitoner Krishnamurthy, A G Management - Advertising
3 ERP In Practice Vaman, Nathan, Jagan IT - Enterprise Resource Planning
4 Advanced Games For Trainers Napier, Rod HR - Training
5 Communicate With Confidence Booher Self Development
6 The Big book Of Marketing Bennett, Anthony G. Management - Advertising
7 401 Killer Marketing Tactics Feltenstein, Tom Management - Advertising
8 Think Like Your Customer Stinnett, Bill Customer Service & Relations
9 RFID Implementation Brown, Dennis  
10 Industrial Safety Management Deshmukh, L M Technical - Mechanical
11 Food Hygiene and Sanitation Roday F & B
12 Solar Energy : Fundamentals and Applications Gard & Prakash Technical
13 HR From The Outsite IN Ulrich HR
14 Happiness At Work Rao, Srikumar HR - Self Development
15 Empowerment Takes More Than A Minute Blanchard, Ken HR - Leadership
16 Indian Advertising Chaudhauri, Arun Management - Advertising
17 Ground Water Assessment, Development and Management Karanth, K. Technical
18 The Big Book of Customer Serv Traing Game Carlaw & Deming HR - Training
19 Building Brand Value M G Parmeswaran Brand Management
20 Dudley's Gear Handbook: The Design, Manufacture, and application of gears Dennis P. Townsend Technical - Mechanical

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